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Specialist booksellers from the British Museum Bookshop give their recommendations for the best illustrated titles across art, archaeology history and world cultures. This week Natasha and Sandra suggest  titles that give insights into two very distinct ancient cultures:

Babylon PBcover_aw_10

“Babylon: Myth and Reality – From the magnificence of Nebuchadnezzar’s state buildings and the ziggurat that inspired the tower of Babel, to the myths that surround the city of Babylon today, this book provides the reader with an insight into what was a truly captivating city.”  – Natasha, Bookseller

Neb jacket Front Cover

“The Painted Tomb-Chapel of Nebamun – This profusely illustrated book is the ultimate guided tour through the tomb-chapel of Nebamun. The author takes us on a detailed journey into the elite society of Ancient Egypt through the tombs beautiful paintings.” – Sandra, Bookseller

Both these recomended titles are available now on the British Museum online shop – with free delivery on all UK book orders.

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