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Ritual and Honour: Warriors of the North American Plains

We’d like to introduce you to Kevin Haywahe.

Ritual and Honour 4_yes

Kevin is an Assiniboine dancer who features in our new release Ritual and Honour: Warriors of the North American Plains.

Author and British Museum curator Max Carocci has been conducting research with Plains Indians since 1989 and in this beautifully illustrated book he explores the world of Native North American warfare and ritual. Through exceptional examples of feather headdresses, mocassins, painted hides, pipes and tomahawks, Ritual and Honour reveals the ceremonial, spiritual and political lives of the warriors of the North American Plains.

‘Read the rest of this entry’ for some more preview images from the book or visit the British Museum shop to find out more.

Ritual and Honour 8_yes1

Ritual and Honour 7_yes1

Ritual and Honour 1_yes

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