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Author Carrie Vout speaks at Heffers shop in Cambridge

Cambridge Heffers Classics Festival Warm-upTuesday, October 15th at 18:30

Join Heffers for a fascinating evening with three authors presenting glimpses from their new books with Q&A afterwards.

Caroline Vout presents Sex on Show: Seeing the erotic in Greece and Rome. Caroline Vout examines the abundance of sexual imagery in Greek and Roman culture. Were these images intended to be shocking, humorous, or exciting? Are they about sex or love? Caroline provides fascinating insights into ancient attitudes toward religion, politics, sex, gender, and the body. They also reveal how the ancients saw themselves and their world, and how subsequent centuries have seen them.

Tim Whitmarsh – Beyond the Second Sophistic. Tim offers new readings of some of the best-known and most influential authors of Greek antiquity, including Sophocles, Euripides, Herodotus, Aristophanes and Plato, as well as introducing many lesser-known figures.

Paul Cartledge – The Oath of Plataea. Through an analysis of this oath, Cartledge provides a wealth of insight into ancient Greek culture.

Visit the Heffers events page for further details about the talk and how to book.

Click here to buy Caroline Vout’s Sex on Show on the British Museum’s website now.

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