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Inspirations from China ~ Happy New Year

As we look ahead to a new year on the Chinese calendar, we look back at some of the wonderful Chinese art that inspired our recent book.

Modern Chinese Ink Paintings

Modern Chinese Ink Paintings

by Clarissa von Spee

An informative and elegantly illustrated introduction to Chinese ink paintings and calligraphies from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

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The British Museum came to house one of the largest collections of classical and modern Chinese paintings in Europe. Many of these entered the collection in 1753 through Sir Hans Sloane who had acquired prints and paintings throughout his travels in many parts of the world.


In 1903 the Museum acquired it’s most famous painting The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies, an eighth-century copy of the earliest and finest painting attributed to Gu Kaizhi.
Drawing on the British Museum’s rich collection, this book explores the development and diversity of Chinese ink painting in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States through the twentieth century to the present.

1. The Admonitions Scroll
To celebrate the Chinese New Year Modern Chinese Ink Paintings will be on sale at an exclusive discount on The British Museum online shop. Find out more about the book here

Germany Divided: Baselitz and his generation

By John-Paul Stonard

With the British Museum’s receipt of 34 works by 20thcentury German artists from Count Christian Duerckheim, we are publishing an exhibition catalogue written by John-Paul Stonard to accompany this significant collection of work.

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The book includes drawings and paintings by contemporary artists, such as Georg Baselitz, Blinky Palermo, Sigma Polke, that have never before been published. Starting with a fascinating introduction to the context of these works, Stonard delivers detailed biographical essays on each artist showing how the division of Germany into separate states affected their work.

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The free exhibition of Germany Divided: Baselitz and his generation opens on February 6th and the exhibition catalogue is available to buy now

Highlights for Spring 2014

Preview some of the books we are publishing later this year!


Germany Divided: Baselitz and his generation

By John-Paul Stonnard

Explores the previously unpublished and unseen works by some of the leading names in contemporary art.


Vikings latest cover

Vikings: life and legend

Edited by Gareth Williams, Peter Pentz and Matthias Wemhoff

A rich and vivid account of the impact of the Vikings throughout the world.

Now available



The Vikings in Britain and Ireland

By Jayne Carroll, Stephen Harrison and Gareth Williams

A fascinating illustrated introduction to the cultural influence and legacy of the Vikings in Britain and Ireland.



The Tale of King Herald: The Last Viking Adventure

By Thomas J.T. Williams

An illustrated adventure telling the story of King Harald Sigurdsson, the last king of the Vikings.




By Robin Cormack

A beautifully illustrated introduction to the history and power of Byzantine and Russian icons.

Now in paperback



Thomas Bewick: Graphic Worlds

By Nigel Tattersfield

A new approach to the celebrated naturalist engraver Thomas Bewick, highlighting his brilliant engravings designed for the world of the Industrial Revolution.


BM watches jkt


By David Thompson

A beautiful and intriguing illustrated history of watches.

Now in paperback


Lewis Chessmen front cover

The Lewis Chessmen: and what happened to them

By Irving Finkel

A charming and original illustrated story for children, following the adventures of the world’s most famous chessmen.


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