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Exclusive artwork by Hoshino Yukinobu


To celebrate the upcoming release of Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure we’ve been working with the book’s creator-  leading manga artist, Hoshino Yukinobu- to produce some exclusive Professor Munakata themed bookplates.

Hoping to offer a small run of bookplate prints for Professor Munakata readers, imagine our delight when 200 individually signed and drawn bookplates arrived from Japan! As well as his signature, every bookplate which Hoshino Yukinobu created also features an individual, hand-drawn image of Professor Munakata – making each plate a unique work of art direct from one of Japan’s most celebrated artists.

These exclusive bookplates will be available to pick up along with your copy of Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure at the British Museum manga event on 25 November.


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